8 Extra Income Ideas For Introverts

The topic, Extra income ideas, is one of the most researched topics for introverts living in an extroverted world. While introverts have been made to feel left out, there are still some of us who prefers to stay in their quiet “world.”

But to survive in this world, we must find a way of making money from home. This will help our interaction with the outside world to be kept to a bearable minimum.

Most introverts prefer to sit down in the office, do their work, and go home after 8 or 9 hours. But not with the internet, which has opened up a whole slew of different types of income-earning options. With the internet, you can earn your extra income in a way that you feel most comfortable with.

The internet offers you a range of means to earn extra income and to get a living regardless of your personality.  As an introvert, you can be a famous blogger and make a lot of money.


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Here are 10 extra income ideas for introverts. They are creative ways to make money that doesn’t compromise your very-real need just to be left alone sometimes (or most times).


8 Extra Income Ideas for Introverts


1. Invest in the Stock Market

Investment is one of the extra income ideas you can try out. You get to earn a lot of money from investing. My net worth has risen in the past two years because of my investment returns.

People invest in the stock market, and they amass quite a lot of money in the process.  Although investing in the stock market can be profitable, it demands skill and knowledge for outstanding success.

I’m not saying that you won’t in investing if you lack the skill and the knowledge. There are market products that help you do the job. They invest for you based on your risk tolerance, purpose, etc. You can also seek help and advice from traditional brokers and online brokers.

In recent times, it is possible for you to invest as low as $1 or a couple of cents. The world of the stock market has evolved to cater to the needs and financial strengths of the investors.

If you have intentions of going into stock market investing and don’t want to sell a lot of money right now, I recommend Acorns. You can invest as little as $0.01 with Acorns. Acorns will round up your purchase and invest your spare change.

For example, you purchased an item for $9.59. Acorns will round it up to $10.00 and invest the difference, $0.41, to various ETFs? It invests your spare change automatically.


2. Become a Blogger

For me, blogging is the most successful extra income source. I started blogging 6 months ago, and I have made at least $8,500. I took a chance, paid around $100 for a year for hosting and domain name, and the rest is history.

Even though blogging has its challenges, the benefits you derive from it are far more than its risks. I like blogging because it gives me an outlet to share my thoughts, experiences, and wisdom on personal finance.

Yes! It took me a lot of time to set up my blog. I spent time writing contents, answering comments from readers, and so on. But when I  read comments or messages from people that tell me they are inspired by my stories, I feel good and excited.

If you have the desire to create and monetize your blog, you can subscribe to blog tutorials online that will give you details on how you can create a blog in 15 minutes or less.


3. Take Surveys

Do you see taking a survey as one of the extra income ideas? You can earn up to $150 – $250/month just by taking surveys. Though it may not be a lot of money for some people, this amount can go into settling some of your bills.

Instead of spending your spare time lying on the couch, you could spend the time on surveys. But if you don’t have so much time, then, taking surveys may not be the best option for you. Some surveys will pay cents but some will pay a few dollars up to even $100 per survey.


4. Become a Social Media Manager

If you’re looking for an extra income idea that you can grow into a full-time income source this job might be a great solution.

Social media managers can manage all the social media accounts of a company. At times, they specialize in just one. They can also become hyper-specialized for example, be a  Facebook Ads expert.

If you can come up with excellent results while managing the social media of others, you can start charging. It could be  $50+ per hour. But if you’re first starting out, you may have to charge much less


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5. Sell Your Smartphone Photos

Occupy yourself on nights out or at parties by snapping photos of other people. It’s a great way to join in on the fun without really interacting with people.

You could make use of an app called Foap. This app makes it easy for you to turn your smartphone photos into money. To use Foap, you’ll download the app on your Android or iPhone, upload your photos and make them available for purchase on the Foap Market.

You’ll make $5 for each photo sold and you can sell the same photo an unlimited number of times.


6. Become a Lyft/Uber Driver

Taxis are gradually being replaced by Lyft/Uber services. I know a lot of people who are Lyft/Uber drivers and who make good money. If you have a vehicle in excellent condition, you may want to consider this side hustle to earn extra money.

If you don’t have any resentment about taking passengers for a ride and you don’t mind chatting and being friendly with people, then, you will do just fine being a Lyft/Uber driver.


7. Become a Bookkeeper

For about 4 years, I have kept a part-time job as a side hustle. Before I reduced my working hours, I used to earn $1,400, but now I make around $700.

To be a bookkeeper, you have to be good with numbers and also have background knowledge of accounting.  If in addition to that, you have extra time, then, bookkeeping may provide you some additional cash.

For the most part, I encode the transactions that my boss gives me. I also create payroll and file the appropriate tax returns. I don’t intend to make this bookkeeping as a full-time business but there are a lot of people who have gone to create full-scale bookkeeping businesses.

As long as there are companies who need their books maintained and/or straightened out, there will be a need for bookkeeping services.


8. Become a Self-publisher

I know how frustrating it could be when several publishing companies reject your book. It’s not the end of the world. You could simply publish you book yourself.

Often, it is not guaranteed that you can earn as much as when your book is published and marketed by publishing companies. You can certainly publish it by yourself. Some people make at least $30,000 per month by self-publishing e-books on Amazon.

Writing a book is not for the faint of heart. It takes a ton of hours to write a book, not including time for editing and marketing.


Are you an introvert looking for jobs that will earn you some extra money? This post details some of the jobs that are fit for introverts. You can do these jobs even without stepping out of the house. This could just be a money machine for you! #workfromhome #extraincome #money



As introverts, making extra income does not have to mean we would drastically change our personalities. With these income ideas, it is very much possible to make extra money and still be ourselves. While we continually work on ourselves.

These work from home ideas are great and with it, you can become very wealthy and famous and make it a full-time business. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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